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1. Tone Howard's "How to teach BASIC 50 the first night of class" (06 Feb 09)
2. Members of the Oakwood SDC in 1955 (07 Dec 08)
3. Portsmouth's 'The News' article re Stubbington Squares (23 Nov 08)
4. Callers & Officials from the Nottingham Convention in 1989 (18 Nov 08)
5. Photo Art (11 Sep 08)



by Tone Howard
Notice that I did not say how to teach the basic 50............more
Note: This is a PDF document and can be downloaded

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Members of Oakwood SDC at 'Treetops' in 1955

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A report from Portsmouth's 'The News' dated 26th September 2008

              SQUARING UP TO
               BOOST FITNESS

Stubbington: The Double 'S' Stubbington Square Dance Club opened its doors to potential new members this week. The club, which is affiliated to the British Association of American Square Dancing, meets at the Catholic Church Hall In Bells Lane on Wednesdays, 8-9.30 pm.
Members say it is a good way of keeping fit, meeting people and making friends.

It was formed about 20 years ago and has about 50 members

Other functions they enjoy together include coach trips, bar­becues, hog roasts, Christmas par­ties and holidays abroad which may be combined with dancing in various parts of the world. As well as country and western music they also dance to pop.
They offer a range of dance pro­grammes ranging from 'beginners' to 'advanced', which are set to com­mon world wide standards.
For more Information phone 01329 282633.


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Photos from the Nottingham Convention 1989

The five photographs shown have been extracted from the wide angle photograph shown below. Ron Yard kindly loaned it to me.

I apologise for the mediocre quality but it is due to the limitations of my scanning equipment and image manipulation programs.

Nevertheless, the images are recognisable, although it might be a bit of a shock seeing yourself as you were 20 years ago!

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  Photo Art

T-Cup Stain
Dancers:Richard & Linda Stevens
Photograph by Sara Davis
Image manipulation by Alan Jackson

California Swirl
Dancers:Richard & Linda Stevens
Photograph by Sara Davis
Image manipulation by Alan Jackson


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