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Whats on next weekend

The Lytham Team have issued a new program for the week. 
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Steeple Steppers August Bank Holiday Weekend - Cancelled
Due to a lack of support Steeple Steppers have cancelled their Bank Holiday Camp Out in August 

Simon and Trudy Fielding are calling at this no cost event to celebrate the life of Tricia on the 13th August 2016. (Flyer) 

News from Lone Star SDC

I have to announce that after 38 years, Lone Star SDC will close on 21st July 2016.

Dancers were encouraged to join Stourbridge SDC, and, 95% will do so.
Club Caller Brian Summerfield wishes to semi retire, he will join Stourbridge calling staff and will be calling twice a month.
Due to the popularity of Llandudno & Southport weekends, they will carry on as usual, as will dances already booked with Neil in October 2016 & James in March 2017.

Best wishes and thanks to Callers & Dancers for your support over the years.

New Coming Events (Updated W/Ending 3rd July 2016)
CATHEDRAL SQUARES have a dance on the 8th Oct 
VIKING SQUARES have announced their 33rd Birthday Dance on the    11th March 2017
News from Steeple Steppers and Bishops Eight

Geoff Powell after 18 years of calling for Steeple Steppers has stepped down from his calling duties with the club, however he has been replaced by a great caller, Emma Horsfield who i'm sure will build the club building on its strengths. We at BAASDC would like to wish her all the very best in her new club.
Steeple Steppers still have a few spaces at their August Bank Holiday campout and Bishops Eight also have a few spaces at their Swanwick New Years Eve Celebrations 

New Coming Events (Updated W/Ending 19th June 2016) 
VIKING SQUARES have announced their 7th Fun & Friendship campout on 26th May 2017 
STEPPING SQUARES have announced their 2017 Symonds Yat week 
AXE VALE SDC have announced their Spring Dance on 13th May 
BAASDC AGM has been announced on 20th Nov
ALL SQUARE AT ZERO are hosting the BAASDC AGM with an afternoon Tea Dance on 20th Nov 
TUDOR SQUARES are having a dance on 18th March
STEPPING SQUARES plus and Advance weekend at Symonds Yat with Johnny Preston would like dancers to know that although the hotel for this event is fully booked there are still plenty of spaces for those wanting to arrange their own accommodation with dancing and all food (except breakfast) at the hotel Click here for Flyer
A TRAIL-END DANCE for the European Convention has been announced on Thursday 21st July 
Jerry Jestin (from Canada) will be taking the place of Bronc Wise, for both weeks, at Bent and Elin's Gran Canaria Square Dance Event; Bronc has accepted a "once-in-a-lifetime" offer, to take over from Jerry Story as the Full-Time "on-site" Caller at the Peppermint Palace, during the winter months. We wish Bronc all the very best with his new "job" - and welcome Jerry Jestin to the Team
New Coming Events (Updated W/Ending 8th May 2016)
ACTIV 8's have an A1 Mini Dance on
30th July 
TELEMARKS have announced their Valentines Dance on the 11th Feb 
CENTRE SQUARES & THORNBURY SQUARES have a Day of Advanced Dance on the 19th June 
TERESA & PAUL have announced a Round Dance Weekend on Fri 19th May 2017 and have taken on the organisation of Angie's Weekend this year on the 21st May 
KEITH LOVEGROVE has announced a Valentines Dance on the 19th Feb 
AAA's have announced their 57th Birthday Dance on the 8th April
Alan Covacic Retires.

Alan Covacic has ask me to announce his retirement from Square Dance Calling and as such he will honour all of his existing bookings but will not accept any further ones. Wheelers and Dealers SDC will in effect close with immediately, however the dances they have planned from now until the snowflake dance in Jan 2017 will go ahead.

From a Dancer, Cuer and a Friend i will greatly miss dancing to you and cueing with you but hope to see my friend in a square, i and all at BAASDC wish you a very happy retirement.


New Coming Events (Updated W/Ending 17th April 2016) 
TESTVALE SDC have announced a Cancer Charity Dance on the 9th Oct 
STEEPLE STEPPERS have their Birthday Dance on the 5th Nov 
PORTISHEAD SQUARES have their Birthday Dance on the 5th Nov 
SHEFFIELD SWIRLERS have their Birthday Dance on the 18th June 
CHELTENHAM SWINGING SQUARES have a Dance on the 8th July 2017 
EXE VALLEY DIAMONDS are hosting Brian Hotchkies on the 7th May 
CONTRAROUND EIGHTS have their 28th Birthday Dance on the 24th June 2017 
ALL SQUARE AT ZERO have a dance on Friday the 24th June
New Coming Events (Updated W/Ending 3rd April 2016 ) 
SPIN N WHEEL have an afternoon dance on the 12th Nov and 25th Feb 
GSI have announced a Winter Wonderland Dance on 3rd Dec
New Coming Events (Updated W/Ending 27th March 2016)
LUNE VALLEY have announced their 21st Birthday Dance on 8th Oct 
LIBERTY SQUARES have a Summer Dance on the 25th June and an Harvest Dance on the 10th Sept
WATERSIDE SQUARES have a Sunday Afternoon dance on 2nd Oct 
NORTHERN AREA have their AGM on 10th April
National Week of Dance - Lytham - 2016 
Dates have been announced for August 2016, with Bronc Wise, Terry McCann, Di Green and Teresa and Paul Hart as the Calling and Cueing Staff.
Basic Level
19th & 26th Sept 2016
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