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19 Nov - 30th November 2014, RDC Meeting
The Round Dance Council is coming to Barrow in Suffolk for it's Open Meeting and Multi-Cuer Dance on Saturday the 30th November for more details please see the Flyer or look in Nov's coming events

26 Oct - Let's Square Dance Magazine -Editor Update
It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Peter Wright has taken on the Editorship of the LSD. Peter hopes to publish a magazine in December 2014, however he urgently needs submissions of new material. Please click here to contact him.
In particular please bring to his attention any articles, letters, advertisements or other material that you have already sent to the magazine editor.
We are still hopeful that someone will offer to help the editor in his work. Please send any offers of help to John Webb. 

26 Oct - Website Updates
If you have anything you would like to be included on the website either on this page as a news item or on our coming events pages please mail the information to Matt Baldry to enable us to update the website.
When sending information for coming events please try to include as much information as possible (Flyers, Address of venue, Contact details, Cost , etc). 

18 Oct - BAASDC - A Tribute to Chris Allen.
The untimely passing of Chris Allen has left a big hole in the lives of many people, not only his family but all of his many friends within the Square Dance world.
In the short time Chris was editor of "Let's Square Dance" and web master he transformed both the magazine and web site to the extent that it is recognised as the best that Europe has to offer, a remarkable achievement in such a short time and is testament to his abilities.
My sincere condolences go to the family he leaves behind and his many close friends.

John Webb

President - BAASDC

Whirl & Twirl

Cha Cha
14th Jan 2015
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  1. Tony Piears' histories of some early British square dance clubs
  2. Videos of well known callers plying their trade.

The magazine of the BAASDC is published on the first day of each month except during July and August. Items for inclusion in the magazine can be sent to the editor Peter Wright.  If you would like to subscribe to the magazine please contact Alan Jackson, his details can be found here.


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