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25 Feb - New Coming Events
NORTHERN AREA have announced their dates for their 2016 campout 
MINISTER SQUARES have a plus and rounds dance on the 6th June
21 Feb - New Coming Events
BISHOPS EIGHT SDC have their New Year celebration on the 30th Dec with a brand new cuer for the Specials Circuit Amy Richardson ! 
24th DANISH CONVENTION is on the 12th June 2015
ISCA ALLEMANDERS are holding an afternoon of A's and Evening Dance of Mainstream & Plus on the 10th October
15 Feb - New Coming Events
WOLDS WEAVERS have a Yorkshire Day of Dance on the 1st Aug
BUTTON & BOWS SDC have a dance on the 12th Sept 
DIXIE DERBY are holding their Birthday Dance on the 26th Sept and their Christmas Dance on the 28th Nov
57th AUSTRALIAN CONVENTION AND CALLER/CUER CONFERENCE in 2016 is visiting the Sunshine State, Queensland on the 26th June 2016
5 Feb - New Coming Events
CORINIUM SQUARES have dates for their Summer Dance and
Autumn Dance both are Mainstream and Plus
The RDC has issued a program for it's cuers school in March
4 Feb - News from EAASDC
EAASDC have issued a program for their Fall Round Up which is a celebration of 60 years of EAASDC and will take place in Germany during September. PROGRAM/PREFLYER/COMING EVENT
Although the organisers inform us there will be a 2016 event.
23 Jan - New Coming Events 
WHEELERS & DEALERS have moved their Snowflake Dance in 2016 to the 9th Jan so the Winter Extravaganza could hold their dance (Many thanks Alan)
TRIPLE A's 56th Birthday dance is on the 9th April 2016
EAASDC has a 60th celebration with Basic - C3b on the 4th Sept
 have two new dances on the 4th July and 14th November

23 Jan - Risk Assessment Template
A Risk Assessment Template is now available on the our websitefor those clubs who wish to use it. The SDCCGB designed the original document in response to club requests. We hope clubs will find this useful. This Risk Assessment is a simple reminder of practical issues that should be considered by club organisers. It also reminds dancers of their responsibilities in regard to health and safety. Risk Assessments are now commonly requested when booking halls. Clubs/Callers are at liberty to add or subtract any risks that might be applicable/not applicable to their particular situation. You may use this as an introduction to the template if you feel it is appropriate. Click for Template
13 Jan - Winter Extravaganza - In aid of Prostate Cancer UK
Matt and Sue Baldry have organised a dance to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK, in the John F Kennedy School in Hemel Hempstead, Joining Matt on stage cueing will be Paul Hart, and calling will be Paul Bristow, Neil Whiston and James Wyatt, to provide an unforgettable evening of dance with a rare line up of calling and cueing staff. (Everyone is giving their time for free and even the hall cost has been meet). At £10 a ticket (£12.50 on the door) we hope you agree it will be a great night for both dancer's and charity. So why not join us on the 16th Jan 2016 
29 Dec - BAASDC AGM Minutes
The BAASDC Minutes for the AGM held on the 16th of November 2014 are released.
27 Dec - Press Release from the Lytham 2015 Team.
The Lytham team have released a press release to let dancers know that
the 2015 Festival will include plus dances 5 nights out of 7 and
5 round dance workshops and 3 evenings of round dances as well as the Advanced and Challenge workshops and dances. For more details see 6th August in Coming Events.

21 Dec - The Round Dance Council Announces Cuer School
The Round Dance Council have announced a 2015 Cuer's School in Cambridgeshire on the weekend of the 20th to 22nd March. For next years school they are bringing into the UK Susie and Gert-Jan Rotscheid as cuer coaches. They also promise to hold a Saturday night multi-cuer dance on the 21st March (details to be released soon).
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