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21 Oct - ****** URGENT REQUEST ******

We urgently need a new editor for the LSD. The LSD is a much loved publication within our dancing community, however it's existence is in peril. We need someone to take over the reigns as Editor from our much missed colleague Chris Allen. If you think you can help us or would like more details about the post, please contact John Webb, click here for John's contact details.

21 Oct -  Let's Square Dance Magazine Update

Publishing of the "LSD" will be suspended until further notice. Those who have paid their subscription will have their subscription year extended to cover the full 10 issues and the club directory.

In the meantime if anyone has articles for inclusion in the magazine please forward them to John Webb, who will store them for future publication.

(For John's contact details please click here)

19 Oct - Due to Chris' untimely passing, if you have e-mailed Chris in the past 2 - 3 weeks with information that you wanted posting to the website can you mail the information to Matt Baldry to enable us to update the website. Please click here for the new webmaster's (Matt Baldry) e-mail address.

18 Oct - BAASDC - A Tribute to Chris Allen.

The untimely passing of Chris Allen has left a big hole in the lives of many people, not only his family but all of his many friends within the Square Dance world.

In the short time Chris was editor of "Let's Square Dance" and web master he transformed both the magazine and web site to the extent that it is recognised as the best that Europe has to offer, a remarkable achievement in such a short time and is testament to his abilities.

My sincere condolences go to the family he leaves behind and his many close friends.

John Webb

President - BAASDC

22 Sept - FREE SAMPLE You can read (and download and print) the September 2014 edition of Let's Square Dance magazine here. It's photo-rich and is a 12.3MB file. If you like it, why not subscribe to either the printed edition or the pdf edition. You'll be surprised how inexpensive it is. Contact Alan Jackson for full details.
17 Sept - LOST  We have been asked if we can find Debbie Bear visiting this country from the USA. Debbie (a teddy bear dressed in square dance attire) was last seen in eastern England in January 2013. Has she visited your club and do you know her next scheduled port of call. If so, please contact Linda Gill. You can access her e-mail address here
New Malden
(Surrey) Area

Hogsmill Squares
Tues 16th Sept
More details
Exeter Area

Tues 16th Sept
First month FREE
More details
Hemel Hempstead
(Herts) Area

Tudor Squares
Thurs 25th Sept
More details



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  1. Tony Piears' histories of some early British square dance clubs
  2. Videos of well known callers plying their trade.

The magazine of the BAASDC is published on the first day of each month except during July and August. Items for inclusion in the magazine can be sent to John Webb, contact details can be found here.  If you would like to subscribe to the magazine please contact Alan Jackson, his details are here.


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